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We introduce ourselves
Christian Swiss Cycling Guide
For more than 30 years I have been absolutely passionate about cycling, I am passionate about Roadbike and Mountainbikes and am at home through many trips in the world. I love to plan and organize to create the perfect road bike holiday and many impressive experiences for you. I have also successfully competed in some legendary races, such as the Transalp. I am a pharmacist and look back on a long career that has brought me a lot of experience. For 16 years I worked for a large pharmaceutical company (AstraZeneca), most recently as Key Account Manager in the business unit of diabetes for the whole of Eastern Switzerland. I had a lot of dealings with people and acquired a high level of social competence. Thanks to my analytical skills, I can make decisions quickly. My creativity and innovativeability combined with a high level of leadership and commitment come to meet me in my new role as manager and guide of CoolTourCycling. Let yourself be inspired !
Charly Swiss Cycling Guide
Gaby Forster
Founder and Managing Director, Swiss Cycling Guide
GTC Guide South Africa
Guide und Tourenleiterin DAV
Guide DIMB
Our man on site in South Africa, always good in a mood and enthusiastic road bike and Mountain biker knows each other very well and supports us with his experience and his knowledge.
Rather quiet, but very calm and thoughtful he leads his guests up the passes and likes to talk about the struggles and tragedies the Tour de France, which took place there.
Since her childhood, Meli has been sitting on the road bike and has already started as an 11-year-old with a long-distance trip to Rome for her father.Today, she likes to show her guests beauties of road cycling.
Hans himself is totally passionate about travel and undertakes many motorcycle tours up to the middle east or Ethiopia, which he exciting picture presentations. He has approval for passenger transport.
Our Allgäuer is an all-rounder who likes to even in France in the costume with the Lederhosn. His repertoire of jokes is incredible. Chris has via a passenger transport certificate.
Our retired truck chauffeur is a absolute uniqueness. It maneuvers our bus perfect and is always helpful to the opposite guests. It has a licence for Passenger transport.
Flight booking and back up office
Our travel agency Globusreisen supports us with booking flights and is our Office when we're on the way.
Charly has been travelling in the mountains for the last few years and is one of his passions the road bike he has rediscovered. He was a successful mountain runner (trail running) and has competed in many competitions, his house hangs full of medals. Today, he lets it be calmer, but still sporty and is likes to ride a mountain bike, knows all Swiss passes by road bike and in winter he is an avid ski tourer. He has a high level of social compensation and is always full of helpfulness, because for him it is the greatest thing when his guests shine after a great tour and take with them lasting experiences and impressions. His passion is photography and he likes to drive a few meters ahead to find a perfect setting for a photo for the guests.
Christian has also been riding the road bike and mountain bike for many years and takes part in some races or likes to ride on historical bike tours such as the "Eroica" in Tuscany. Always in a good mood and very relaxed, he really enjoys the guideing with guests. Christian also knows some customs and above all the good refreshment sit over the tours. Born in Germany, he has lived in Switzerland for more than 20 years and enjoys touring skis in the mountains in winter. He knows many classic road bike passes, especially in France, and is happy to bring you the culinary customs of the different regions. His language skills benefit him, he speaks perfect French.